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When it comes to SAT and ACT exams, we know their importance in college applications. Not only do students need a competitive GPA, extracurriculars and a great personal essay—they also need good SAT/ACT scores. To help ease this pressure on students, we demonstrate that the test is predictable and manageable given the right attitude, practice and strategic thinking. We believe that establishing a personal relationship and gaining a student’s trust at the start is paramount to successful one-on-one sessions. Our instructors are experts at mitigating test anxiety for both the students and parents as they know the test inside and out and have had great results in achieving target scores. We work with parents, teachers, learning specialists and the students themselves to customize a curriculum and teaching approach that best fits our student. As a boutique company, we pride ourselves on finding the right tutor for the student based on personality and academic level.

Bee Tutored has a decidedly different approach than other big business companies that offer cookie cutter strategies for guessing and fixed curriculums. We offer a more holistic approach that combines knowledge of math, grammar and writing/vocab subjects, strategy and confidence building to help students realize their full potential. Our students are able to recognize the question types these exams always include and understand that these tests are predictable. We take away the fear of the unknown to reduce test anxiety and increase confidence. A big part of doing well on these tests is minimizing small calculation errors, so we have students practice showing work and using a calculator correctly. We let our students know at the start that they can increase their score just by altering their habits when they work and not rushing. For students that are more advanced where those few questions make all the difference, we zero in on specific topics based on practice test analytics.

Our certified teachers are highly experienced and have a great track record of help students raise their test scores and achieve their academic goals. Sign up today for a free diagnostic exam so we can begin crafting a personalized plan of action for your student to achieve his/her greatest potential!