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Middle School Application Information

Bee Tutored has all the up-to-date information on middle school applications and knows how to prepare their students for each requirement. Whether it is test prep, essay writing, or project preparation, our tutors have the experience to provide your child with the skills necessary to pursue the application process with confidence.

Columbia Secondary School

Selection Criteria:

  • Diagnostic Test
  • Review of Attendance & Punctuality
  • Review of Grades
  • Review of Test Scores: Minimum of Level 3 on both the Grade 4 NYS English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Examinations


East Side Middle School

Admission to ESMS is limited to children living in District 2. Students generally need to score level 3 or 4 on the 4th-grade state reading and math tests to be considered. There is an interview, during which a brief math test is taken and the students produce a writing sample. The interview portion counts for about 40% of the total grade. Grades, absences and lateness are also considered. Cut-off scores vary from year to year.

Each applicant is graded on a 30-point scale. Seven of those points are assigned based on students’ reading and math exam scores — 3.5 points for a score of 4, 2.5 for a score of 3 — and the rest are based on an interview, a writing sample, a math quiz and the elementary school report card.


I.S. 187 The Christa McAuliffe School

There are far more qualified applicants than seats available. District 20 students are admitted based on the results of their fourth-grade standardized test scores. (As of 2013, the OLSAT exam is no longer administered for admission.)

Selection Criteria: Students will be admitted to this program based on their scores on the NYS Examinations in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

I.S. 239 Mark Twain School for the Gifted & Talented

Mark Twain for the Gifted & Talented (I.S. 239) is a middle school open to all New York City residents. In order to be eligible to test for and apply to this school, applicants must submit a Request for Testing (RFT) form by the deadline and follow the other admissions requirements outlined below.

Request for Testing (RFT) Information: All students interested in applying to Mark Twain for the Gifted & Talented must submit a Request for Testing (RFT) form by October 16, 2013.

Public school students should return the form to their elementary school and non-public school students should return the form to their local enrollment office. On the RFT form, you will need to identify the two talent areas (see below) for which you would like your child to participate in competitive talent exams.

Talent Areas and Program Codes

  • Art (K239AR)
  • Athletics (K239AT)
  • Computer/Math (K239CM)
  • Creative Writing/Journalism (K239JO)
  • Dance (K239DA)
  • Drama (K239DR)
  • Instrumental – Strings (K239ST)
  • Instrumental – Winds (K239WI)
  • Media (K239ME)
  • Science (K239SC)
  • Vocal Music (K239VO)


M.S. 255 Salk School of Science

All students must apply through the choice process outlined in the Manhattan/District 2 Parent and Student Middle School Guide. After the Salk School receives your application, students who have selected Salk as a first choice will be contacted to attend a scheduled admissions test. The admissions process is usually an hour and a half in length and consists of: a writing sample, a hands-on science assessment, an interview and report cards. Preference is given to district 2 students. Most of the children accepted have reading and math scores of level 4 (the highest level) on the 4th grade math and reading tests, but there is no formal cutoff to be considered for admission. Applicants are given a three-part entrance exam that includes a science experiment, a chance to talk about a favorite book and some other informal questions. Teacher recommendation also required.


Mott Hall III

Mott Hall II requires that all applicants will have scored a minimum of 2.5 or above on the 4th grade NYS Standardized tests in English and in Math. Students with strong year end 4th grade report cards and strong teacher recommendations should check with their school counselor if they do not meet these score criteria. Students must mark it as their first choice and are chosen based on an interview, work habits, behavior and math and ELA scores.

Selection Criteria:

  • Review of Attendance & Punctuality
  • Student Interview
  • Two Teacher Recommendations



Admission Requirements
In addition to taking the NEST+m 6th Grade Entrance Exam, applicants must also meet the following criteria:
– Fourth Grade final report card with an average of 88 or above or levels 3 & 4  in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science
– Fourth  Grade New York State Test: English Language Arts (Levels: 3–4)
– Fourth  Grade New York State Test: Math (Levels: 3–4)
– Most recent 5th Grade report card
– Good attendance and punctuality in Lower School

New York City Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies

Lab Middle School is a screened District 2 school. Children who reside in District 2 or who are grandfathered in a District 2 school are considered for admission. This includes children who are currently enrolled in private school but who reside in District 2. Because Lab is a screened school, Lab has flexibility in setting its own admissions criteria and exams to align to the Lab School’s philosophy, mission and core values.


Admission to Lab generally requires a test (which changes from year to year) that has three main components:

  1. A literacy exam (writing and comprehension)
  2. A math exam
  3. A collaborative group exercise

The literacy and math exams are based on 5th grade standards. In addition, Lab considers attendance and lateness, as well as teacher comments, to screen all applicants. Lab Middle School does not consider the 4th grade standardized math and ELA test scores in admissions decisions. Siblings are not given special consideration. Lab holds tours in the fall/winter and the test is administered in the early spring.


Tag Young Scholars

Middle-school admission is based on grades, standardized test scores and a teacher recommendation.

The Anderson School

Students (general education and Integrated Collaborative Teaching/ICT) will rank The Anderson School (along with all of their other middle school choices) using the new online middle school application in when the Department of Education makes it available sometime in late October until December 3, 2018 (link to follow when site is active).
Initial Eligibility/Admissions Testing Eligibility: Anderson will calculate each applicant’s initial eligibility scores using the rubric shown above, by sometime in mid-late January to determine who will be invited to the school’s onsite testing. Anderson will notify families of the school’s invitation to test (and also which students were not invited to test) through the email address provided with the online application. Tentatively, testing for ICT students is scheduled for Sunday, January 13, 2019, and for general education students on Saturday, February 2, 2019. TESTING IS BY INVITATION OF THE SCHOOL ONLY.

The Mott Hall School

Students are admitted in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades on the basis of their test scores, teacher recommendations, a written exam, and an interview. The school accepts 110 pupils from about 450 applicants each year. Applications, due in January, are available from elementary school guidance counselors or may be downloaded from the school Website.

Selection Criteria:

  • Academic Portfolio
  • Essay/Writing Sample
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Review of Grades
  • Review of Test Scores: Minimum of level 3 on both the Grade 4 NYS English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Examinations
  • Student Interview
  • Teacher Recommendation