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Let’s Kick Off Another Successful School Year!

Dear families,

It’s hard to believe that this Fall marks my 10th year as an educator in New York City. My role in education started as a Spanish classroom teacher at a Public High School in Chelsea. After the formal school day ended, I offered private Spanish classes to various students around the city. My experience as a teacher and private tutor helped me realize that many kids truly benefit from additional support outside of the classroom setting–which makes sense when many of our school classrooms have 30+ students.


I created Bee Tutored in 2007 to help find a solution to this problem. It seemed natural to me to connect my own private clients to fellow teachers who could provide additional support in their own subject area expertise.


Fast forward to Fall 2015. Bee Tutored has successfully worked with 2000+ students over the last 8 years. It has been a personal mission to provide well-rounded, inspiring tutors who can connect with children and not only provide reinforcement in difficult subject areas, but also to teach them that learning can be fun. I am proud of our team of tutors who are committed to our families and show dedication in taking their tutoring sessions one step further by creating a real relationship with both children and parents.


I want to share a recent email I received in response to one family’s work with Bee Tutored. It is this type of feedback that keeps our team going, knowing that we are truly making a difference in our families’ lives! I’m excited to kick off yet another successful school year.

Happy studies,

Kate Prichard

Founder & Director

I just wanted to let you know that we got the results for (child’s) state tests and are very pleased.

(Child) is so happy that she can now apply to any of the schools that she is interested in for high school. And my husband and I are relieved to have gotten over another hurdle in the high school application process.

Thank you (Tutor) for all of your work with (Child) this past year. It has been very helpful for (Child) not only in the state tests, but overall in her work. You were very helpful with her in the area of reading comprehension specifically which was an area she was struggling. And also in helping her to expand the variety and types of books she reads.

The work (Child) has done with Bee Tutored over the past two years has been very valuable in her learning and development. I will be in touch if it looks like more tutoring is needed as the year moves on.

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