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Bee Tutored Learning PODs


As we approach September, our thoughts are turning to how we can best support our families with what is certain to be a challenging fall and winter. We recognize that many families are very much in the dark about how much, what kind, and even if, there will be any live instruction this fall. We share the frustration that educators and families are feeling about the lack of direction, and we want to help.

Starting September 2020 we will be offering private small group instruction to either complement, supplement, or where there is a need, replace the education offered within NYC.


Private groups will be limited to up to 5 students and 1 tutor, and can be either remote or in person. The parent organizer’s fees will be discounted, and they will be responsible for creating the group, and liaising with the tutor. Bee Tutored encourages families and tutors to follow CDC guidelines.

We understand that families may not know exactly what they will need for the fall, and we are willing to work with you to pivot as needed once more information about what schooling will look like becomes available. However, because we want to ensure that we find the “just right” tutor for your group, we think it is important to begin thinking about this now, and forming plans.

Our small group instruction leaders will be available for the following services:

    School day or afterschool instruction

    One, two or three hour sessions

    Daily sessions, weekly sessions, and everything in between

    Guiding students through their virtual school-day, and teaching content as needed

    Subject-specific teaching, tutoring, and homework help


Please contact us here!  Sign up here: Bee Tutored